Kesum : Food For Thought. Unravelling the Unknown Health Benefits of South East Asia Popular Herb.

Kesum or laksa leaf as it’s know in Malaysia ia a herb going by the scientific name of Polygonum minus Huds. The leaf is used as a flavouring ingredient in culinary dishes and also consume as an ulam (salad) for preventive healthcare among Malaysians, Indonesians, Singaporeans and in Thailand. The popular laksa dish relies heavily on the kesum for its chateristic flavour and aroma! Traditionally however, the decoction of leaves is consumed for purposes such as relief from indigestions, for post-natal recovery, for warming the body and to promote good eyesight.

Several studies show the Kesum are high in antioxidants. In fact, the antioxidant level of the kesum leaf is higher than other popular herbs such as ulam raja, selom, pegaga and curry leaves and even apples.

Article by Annie George, Head of Science & Research, Biotropics Malaysia Berhad, published in InfoMed Malaysia Issue15 (Oct-Dec 2015). Kesum water extract refered in this article is Biotropics propietary extract, BioKesum.

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