Dr. Abdul Ghani is a medical graduate from Cairo University in 1977. He worked with the government for four years and decided to move on to set up his on clinical practice initially in Kuala Lumpur then subsequently in the island of Langkawi. In the year 2000, he started studying and researching on Traditional Malay Medicine focussing mainly on the formulary and materia medical. The study focussed on the principles of compounding medicine, and the relevance and role of each materia medica in the compound medicine. He has written a number of books on medicinal plants of Malaysia e.g. Nature’s Medicine Volume 1A, and Treasures of Lubuk Sembilang – Herbs. He also wrote on Malay Medicine; MSSS 2999 Kitab Tib: A Modern Medicine Insight and Interpretation of a Malay Medical Manuscript, and Dermatologi Dalam Kitab Tib Muzium Terengganu.