10 JUNE 2015, Biotropics Malaysia - A press conference took place in Biotropics Malaysia office introducing Phytsa® and Nu-Prep® LELAKI new scientific advisor and specialist, Dr. Sun Tao from China to local media and press, and informing on Dr. Sun's future research collaboration on Malaysia's King of Herbs, Tongkat Ali with Biotropics. Tongkat Ali is recognized in Malaysia as a national treasure and has a long history as a medicinal herb that has been used in Asia for centuries. The excellent benefits of Tongkat Ali are widely recognized by many countries, including China. Dr Sun Tao from China, a scientist and specialist in hormonal balance and anti-aging, has evaluated Tongkat Ali and found that it is beneficial to his research studies. His trip to Malaysia is to understand more and to share his experience with Tongkat Ali.

It is well known that Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) has been practised in China for over 2000 years. The Chinese have always been inclined towards natural-based products and Tongkat Ali as a proven natural herb can be safely consumed in the country. Dr Sun sees that after his further research and observations on Tongkat Ali, found that numerous scientific studies on Tongkat Ali have many positive outcomes towards the human body, especially in men. Research done on Tongkat Ali shows that pure Tongkat Ali extract helps to stimulate testosterone production, increases libido, increases muscle mass, increases energy & stamina, reduces stress, and promotes healthy aging. Other herbs of similar function, such as maca, fenugreek and horny goat weed, do not have as much comprehensive research compared to Tongkat Ali.

Dr Sun’s trip to Malaysia is to collaborate with Biotropics Malaysia Berhad to further study the potential of Malaysian Tongkat Ali in improving the health of the China population. The studies will include how Tongkat Ali promotes healthy testosterone levels, thus helping individuals with low testosterone condition.  Aging men tend to suffer from tiredness, weight gain, sleep problems, low libido and irritability. It is proven that normalising the testosterone levels may prolong their life expectancy and improve their quality of life. Scientific findings of Tongkat Ali demonstrate that a soluble extract of Tongkat Ali can improve men’s hormonal balance, reproductive health, energy, anti-osteoporotic effects especially in elderly men, metabolic disorder and stress reduction. On the other hand, there are more benefits that can be explored by this mutual study between Dr Sun and Biotropics Malaysia Berhad.

There are many Tongkat Ali products in the China market, but many of these products cannot prove their safety and effectiveness due to the origin of the raw material and how the material is being processed. Many made false claims. Some of these products are even unprocessed raw powder which can be detrimental to the liver and kidney, unlike extracts that contain only the effective compounds that are proven to be safe for consumption.


Physta® Tongkat Ali extract is a proprietary branded ingredient, proven to be safe, and has been the No. #1 herb in Malaysia for many years. Physta® is patented in US, Europe, Japan and Malaysia and underwent 14 human clinical studies conducted in 9 countries to prove its effectiveness in anti-aging and increasing hormone testosterone in men. Physta® Tongkat Ali, as commercialized by Biotropics Malaysia Berhad, is manufactured in a production facility that has received recognition by local and international bodies, such as US FDA, GMP Certified, ISO22000:2005, Malaysia Standard and HALAL. Physta® Tongkat Ali also is the main ingredient in the local Tongkat Ali finished product named Nu-Prep® Lelaki, which is ranked as Guardian’s best-selling men’s supplement.  This is the ultimate reason why Physta® Tongkat Ali is under Dr Sun’s research study.

It is an honour to have specialist like Dr Sun who is also professor, doctor and scientist, who believes in Malaysian Tongkat Ali when his home country boasts a longer history of herbs and herbal healing tradition.