Clinical Research - Acnaed®

Controls Acne & Sebum production

A clinical investigating Acnaed®’s efficacy was conducted by Ellead Skin Research Center, Korea. Acnaed® is proven to reduce sebum related dermalogical problems and is highly effective in suppressing p. acne:

  • 48.6 % reduction in acne visual appearance after 8 weeks of application
  • The number of papule count was reduced to 58.1 % after 8 weeks
  • The number of pustule in subjects treated with acnaed® was reduced to 75.3%
  • Skin sebum secretion was reduced to 21.4%
Dosage/Product 0.5% formulation active/placebo, applied twice daily
No. of Subjects 21 Subjects
Gender 9 Males, 12 females
Age 18-28 years, avergage age 21
Duration 8 weeks
  • Dermalogical Assessment (Acne grading and clinical grading)
  • Instrumental Assessment (using Sebumeter)
  • Subject Self Assessment
  • Safety
  • Significantly improved acne-prone skin (p<0.05) after 8 weeks
  • Reduction of sebum by 21%, Acnaed® may be useful for general facial maintenance (face cream, lotion, masks, toner etc)
  • No adverse skin reaction, safe

References: Halina HI (2012). Evaluation of efficacy and safety of AVCO acne gel for acne: an open, single centric, non comparative study for 8 weeks. Asian Journal of Pharmaceutical and Clinical Research. Vol 5: Suppl 3.

Pre-Clinical Studies on Acnaed®

Broad spectrum antimicrobial activity & treatment of Acne

In vitro studies on selected skin pathogens showed that Acnaed® has broad spectrum antimicrobial activity against gram positive bacteria such as Propionibacterium acnes that are linked to various skin conditions like Acne vulgaris.

C.albicans 0.31
S.aureus 0.31
E.coli 1.56
T.rubrum 10
P.ovale 1
H.pylori 0.03
P.acne (causing Acne vulgaris) 0.01
S.thyphirium 10

Safety & Toxicology Studies on Acnead®

  • Ocular, Dermal & Skin Patch Test (by MPOB, Malaysia)
  • Cytotoxicity Study: Agar Overlay (ISO 10993-5)
  • Acute, 14 Days (OECD GLP)