Nu-Prep Frequently Asked Questions


1. Why do I have headaches and dizziness after taking Nu-Prep Lelaki?

This symptom is known as the body detoxification effect and is temporary in nature. It can happen in the first 4 days after start of product consumption. However, it does not necessarily happen to all new users. To reduce the effect, increase water intake while taking Nu-Prep Lelaki. If the symptoms prolong to a week, stop taking the product or reduce dosage or seek medical advice from a doctor.


2. Can I take Nu-prep lelaki if I’m currently taking prescription drugs?

Yes, but it is wise to consult your doctor or professional medical experts before taking Nu-Prep lelaki


3. Can I take other nutritional supplements with Nu-Prep Lelaki?



4. Can Nu-Prep Lelaki cause over dosage?

The recommended dosage is 2 capsules a day. New users are advised to take 2 capsules of Nu-Prep Lelaki everyday for 30 days to ensure the effects and benefits could be felt. Increment of dosage to more than 2 capsules is possible under certain circumstances or as advised by experts.


5. I am a diabetic patient. Can I take Nu-Prep Lelaki?

Yes, there are no contradicting associations recorded.


6. Can I take Nu-Prep Lelaki continuously for long periods of time or give space in consumption period?

Nu-Prep Lelaki functions based on the cosumer‘s body system, it will function to add testosterone need when the body system needs it to carry out heavy duty tasks. When it is not needed, no additional effect will occur. Hence, long-term use or habitualisation of Nu-Prep Lelaki is recommended to ensure optimum health always. Inconsistent usage may disallow you to feel the Nu-Prep Lelaki effect at its optimum.


7. I have taken Nu-Prep Lelaki for a week. Why don’t I feel any changes?

Nu-Prep Lelaki is a product composed of natural ingredients, hence the effect might take a certain period of time before it can be felt. Its effectiveness depends on consumer, it can be felt as early as a week, sometimes a month, if Nu-Prep Lelaki is taken consistently.