What is Acnaed®


Acnaed® is a patented (Malaysian Patent: MY-140578-A) AVCO* with the highly efficient broad-spectrum antimicrobial properties. The Acnaed® is recommended for the production of facial care products with claims of control of acne and sebum production.

*Activated virgin coconut oil (AVCO) of Cocos nucifera (Coconut) is derived from catalytic activity of lipase on virgin coconut oil. AVCO shows activity against bacteria, yeast and fungi. It can be used in personal and home care applications and suitable for incorporation into food also.



Acnaed® is scientifically tested thus carries an extensive list of efficacy, safety and toxicology studies to ensure premium efficacy, performance and safety. Learn more »


Acnaed® Composition

Acnaed® is vegetable oil triglycerides which is 100% derived from coconut.

Test Parameters Method/Reference Specification




Slightly yellowish below 30ºC



Free from foreign rancid smell, with characteristic odour

Moisture (%)

AOCS Method Ca 2e-84 (1997)

NMT 1.0

Iodine Value (%)

AOCS Cd 1b-87 (1997)

5.6 - 6.3

Slip Melting Point (ºC)

AOCS Cc 3-25

18.2 - 19.2

Fatty Acid Composition (%)

Capric Acid

In-house method based on

NLT 2.0

Lauric Acid

AOAC 16th Edition 1995

NLT 43.0

Myristic Acid

Method 963.22 and AOCS

NMT 25.0

Palmatic Acid


NMT 12.0

Stearic Acid

(Gas Chromatography)

NMT 8.0

Free Fatty Acid (%)

AOCS Ca 5a-40 (1997)

NLT 50

Peroxide Value (meq O2/kg)

AOCS Cd 8-53 (1997)

NMT 1.0