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What is Biokesum™


BioKesum™ is a patented proprietary water-soluble extract derived from Malaysian Persicaria minor @ polygonum minus otherwise known as ‘Kesum” or ‘Laksa’ leaves. It is a pure water-soluble extract standardized to known cognitive markers; quercetin-3-glucuronide and Quercitrin. It is also patented for cognitive/brain health benefits, anti-inflammatory, immunity and cosmetics use (anti-wrinkle).

BioKesum™ is a trademark of Biotropics Malaysia Berhad® and is also known as LineminusTM. The ingredient is available in the US, Distributed by HP Ingredients.



Kesum was featured in American Botanical Council (ABC) “Herbalgram” titled In the land of Kesum – providing a journey of Kesum traditional use as food and in personal care, supply management and latest research concerning the plant. The documentary was headed by the Medicine Hunter, Chris Kilham. Kesum has been show to have the highest total phenolic content amongst other known ‘ulam’ (salad) plants and shows strong antioxidant properties that slow down the oxidative processes and free radical damage.


About Persicaria minor @ polygonum minus  - Kesum Plant

Kesum (Persicaria minor @ polygonum minus) is an indigenous plat of Malaysia and South east Asia also known as “Smart Weed”. Traditionally, they are used to flavor soups and dishes and consumed as salad or ‘ulam’. A popular ingredient in maintaining youth (awet muda), its other proposed benefit include aiding digestion, alleviating dandruff and as post-partum tonic.



BioKesum™ is primed for cognitive health and memory. It is scientifically tested thus carries an extensive list of pre-clinical and clinical studies (with Good Laboratory Practice, GLP and Good Clinical Practice, GCP standards) to ensure premium, performance and safety. Learn more »


BioKesum™ Composition

The Kesum plant is nutritionally rich in beta-carotene, vitamin A and vitamin C as well as minerals such as potassium, calcium and phosphorus. It contains a variety of more than 48 compounds and is rich in flavanoids and aliphatic aldehydes (aromatic). Known cognitive markers; quercetin-3-glucuronide and quercitrin are used for standardization of the extract.

BioKesum™ is patented for Cognitive and memory application (PCT/MY2013/000033) as is primed to support brain health such as memory and mood.