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Tongkat Ali in a Cup

100% Arabica coffee and Physta® Tongkat Ali extract, blended to perfection to provide just the right balance of taste and aroma, with the benefits of Tongkat Ali in every cup. Gives you the spirited start to make your good mornings great!


A "Strong" Coffee Blend

Physta® is a premium brand of water soluble Tongkat Ali root extract, produced by a unique technology that has been patented to obtain perfect bioactive components for good health. Among the bioactive ingredients are phenolics, tannins, high molecular weight polysaccharides, glycoproteins and mucopolysaccharides.

These water-soluble bioactive ingredients are found to be able to increase optimal testosterone levels.


THE TECHNOLOGY IS PATENTED through a cooperation between the Malaysian Government and MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology – USA) (US Patent: 7132117, EU Patent: 1313491). This patent is now exclusively licensed to the Biotropics Malaysia Berhad group.


Why You Should Trust Physta®

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The Benefits of Nu-Caffe

Best Blend of Premium Ingredients
Using only the best 100% Arabica coffee beans and the best Tongkat Ali extract, this formulation gives you the best blend of strength and stamina in every sip.

The Right Amount of Tongkat Ali for the Best Results
It is clinically proven that 50mg of Premium Tongkat Ali extract is all you need for a long lasting effect.


Anyone Can Consume It
Just like the best coffee brew but with added all natural benefits of premium Tongkat Ali extract, it is safe to be consumed by anyone.

Quality You Can Trust
Made in GMP certified factory with stringent quality standards, you can be assured every sachet of Nu-Caffe Tongkat Ali consistently packs the same premium ingredients you can trust.


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