Physta® Technology: Things You Should Know About The World’s First Patented Tongkat Ali Extract

The fact that you’re here reading this article right now shows that you know about Tongkat Ali. But how familiar are you with our Physta® extract? 

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Inspired by nature, and driven by science, there is more to our Tongkat Ali herbal supplements than meets the eye.Before we delve deep into its definition, history, and technical attributes, you must know that Physta® is in a league of its own. Its unique key features set it apart from other Tongkat Ali extractions in the market. It’s no wonder why it is often touted as one of the certified premium Tongkat Ali extractions available in the Malaysian market today — if not the only one.

Tradition meets technology

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Tongkat Ali is a recognised ancient gem of the Southeast Asian tropics. But rest assured, the process of extracting its precious component — the very heart of our Physta® extract — is anything but old! 

Appreciating the herb from an academic standpoint has helped us embrace the hard work it takes to deliver our product as per global standards. Creating our premium Tongkat Ali supplements doesn’t stop at harvesting top-notch batches of the plants. From root to capsule, our Tongkat Ali extract has been analysed with the meticulousness that all phytochemical researches require. What you see in each Biotropics bottle is a ready-to-consume remedy that has undergone stringent discovery research. Our Physta® extract has undergone 14 clinical studies and 21 studies that have all identified the potency of its bioactive contents. As a result, the safety, efficacy, and quality of our supplements are guaranteed.

So what is Physta®

Found abundantly throughout Malaysia and some parts of Southeast Asia, Tongkat Ali is also known as longjack, or more officially, Eurycoma longifolia. Meanwhile, Physta® is a standardised bioactive component of the extract we derive from the plant’s roots.

We take pride in the ethical and scientifically sound method we use in our labs to derive the extract right from the plant’s roots. Our extraction technology is achieved through the collaborative works between the Malaysian government and experts from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in the United States of America

In a nutshell, Physta® is unlike generic Tongkat Ali Extracts — it is the only research-backed, lab-tested, and patented Tongkat Ali to ensure that you experience the purest and safest consumption of the herb. Because here at Biotropics, quality precedes everything else.

What’s also great about our Tongkat Ali extract is that it modulates our hormones naturally. It helps to address various health issues simultaneously — at the source. This feature is unlike other extracts available in the market, which often focus on single health conditions.

So What is Physta good for?

The adage goes that prevention is better than cure. Remarkably, Tongkat Ali adheres to this principle with its myriad health benefits that span from the physical to the emotional. 

Then, there is the apparent fact that this immunity-boosting herb improves male fertility by optimising testosterone count. Beyond the bedroom, this feat helps not just active men but also active women to increase their athletic performance — on top of building their muscle tone and bone strength.

Tongkat Ali is also a natural catalyst for mental wellness. With its proven ability to fight fatigue and reduce stress, it also primes you to focus mentally.

And so with these benefits in mind, now imagine when Tongkat Ali’s extract that you get is lab-tested and scientifically proven to be 100% natural safe and effective.

That’s where our versatile Physta® comes into play.

What goes in the process?

So what exactly takes place in our labs when we extract Physta® from our carefully selected Tongkat Ali plants? What is the process of extracting the component is genuinely like? Now, the most potent part of Tongkat Ali is its roots. To ensure that we get the best extraction, we not only use this part of the plant but ones that pass our qualification tests.

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But what truly makes a Tongkat Ali root a successful candidate? 

The answer lies in the degree of its bioactive compounds, which, when optimally extracted, are scientifically proven to be safe and beneficial for health. These compounds contain quassinoids, including eurycomaoside, eurycolactone, and eurycomanone. They make up a significant portion of the root’s phytochemical constituents and are responsible for improving your energy reserve, reducing fatigue and improving your body’s overall level of endurance.

Be wary of suppliers offering Tongkat Ali extracts boasting high chemical markers such as eurycomanone>2% and even up to 8%. While these can be easily achieved from simple processing manipulations and adulteration techniques, without actual substation of safety and efficacy – it may prove to be more harmful to your customers and ruin the brand of your company.

To ensure that the extracted compounds meet the expected level, we follow a stringent quality control protocolthat satisfies the safety levels set by national and international standards such as SIRIM and the British and American pharmacopoeias. Additionally, we also practice a batch-to-batch quality control regime to ensure that our supplements contain the right amount of these bioactive compounds, ensuring that you receive the proper dose.

Meet our end products

Thanks to our carefully monitored extraction process, our Physta® focused supplements meet all the safety requirements to be the best in the market.They are manufactured according to best practices and are market ready for more than 30 countries worldwide!

1. Designed for YOU.

Products in either single or polyherbal combination with Physta® are carefully curated for maximum potential – they are designed in specific doses (which can only be achieved from controlled and standardized extracts) with a shelf-life that is determined by rounds of carefully conducted stability testing.

2. Registered and Approved.

At Biotropics, it’s all about trust. Part and parcel of what makes our herbal products, including our Tongkat Ali line, credible is the fact that thecompany that makes it are registered withthe United States Food and Drug Administration (US FDA). 

We also abide by local health regulators which require that all products be registered and subject to the provisions from the Malaysian Health Ministry and relevant health codes.

3. Certified halal and safe to consume.

Wonder if consuming our Tongkat Ali supplements aligns with your spiritual compass? 

Rest assured, our products are certified halal by the Department of Islamic Development Malaysia (JAKIM).What’s great about this is that people from all spiritual walks of life, not just Muslims, can consume the supplements with their peace of mind intact.

Exporting to the US? No worries.. It’s Kosher certified too by BadatzIgudRabbonim (BIR).

Our products are also certified as safe to consume in compliance with the Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) system that the Ministry of Health (MoH) oversees.

4. Recognized by SIRIM.

Our Physta® extract is the extract used as a benchmark standard for Standardised Extract in compliance with the MS2409:2011 standards set by the Standard and Industrial Research Institute of Malaysia (SIRIM).

5. Comply with other global standards.

Due to demands in the international market, our products are global. 

Physta® comes with a comprehensive documentation that will assist product entry and registration. They comprise of studies that adhere torequirements of the The International Council for Harmonisation of Technical Requirements for Pharmaceuticals for Human Use (ICH) and Good Laboratory Practice (GLP). 

In addition to that, our products also compliant to GMP, HACCP and ISO 22000, as certified by leading business services organisation Lloyd’s Register.

Optimise your life with Physta® today

Our health supplements containing the Physta® extract are the best in the market, simply because they deliver a multitude of health benefits all in one easy-to-consume, safety-assured step. No frills, no gimmick — just a real-life remedy that’s inspired by nature, and proven by science.

Get your own Physta® supplements today!

Performance Ingredients Team BIOTROPICS MALAYSIA

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