Biotropics: The Brain Behind The World’s Premium Tongkat Ali

Behind every successful brand is a vital entity as its backbone.

Just consider the case of premium Tongkat Ali. The source responsible for the quality herb’s availability in Malaysia and around the world is Biotropics Malaysia. Not many people are aware of our company’s position behind some of the most popular herbal supplements you see in the global natural supplements and remedies market today.

What makes us an exceptionally unique nutraceutical and herbal supplements manufacturer is our stellar reach. Our work in the production and distribution of Physta®, our signature patented premium Tongkat Ali extraction, as well as our other performance ingredients, ACNAED® and BIOKESUM™, has impacted the lives of millions across the globe.

How Biotropics Malaysia started

Biotropics Malaysia takes pride in producing, manufacturing, and delivering the world’s most premium natural performance ingredients for other brands and companies specialising in natural health and wellness supplements. Our ethos, from the very beginning, has been to transform yesterday’s traditional wellness approaches into tomorrow’s innovative health solutions via scientific researches.

Of course, we did not get to where we are today, overnight. Our venture into the global functional foods industry began in the early 2000s, via our involvement in a breakthrough research project between the Malaysian government and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). 

The research, which involved top scientists from Malaysia and the USA, took place to explore the depths of Tongkat Ali, also known as the Eurycoma Longifolia or longjack plant. The plant, which is native to Malaysia and some parts of Southeast Asia, packs a wealth of scientifically proven health and wellness benefits, including the improvement of libido, fertility, energy levels, muscle growth, mental focus, and mood.

It was this careful research that had led our experts to the discovery and birth of Physta®, our patented premium Tongkat Ali extract. By creating it, we also came up with a freeze-dried water-soluble technology that garnered the interests of scientific researchers and commercial agents.

Presently, Physta® extract complies with various proprietary methods and international standards. The recognition it receives came after it has undergone more than 17 clinical studies, which gave us the chance to acquire more international partnerships across the functional foods, dietary, and performance supplements industries around the globe.

Today, we are proud to say we are expanding beyond Physta®. 

Understanding our performance ingredients

At Biotropics, our primary purpose is to help the world heals via nature-given traditional herbs that are scientifically proven to work. We could not have manifested our vision without our resources, which comprise of the following natural performance ingredients.

1. Physta®

Our patented Physta® extract is the most popular ingredient we produce. Due to its versatility and proven lack of adverse health effects, it is widely exported, It is also often used with other performance ingredients such as Maca Root, ginger, and fenugreek to boost overall wellbeing. 

Our US FDA-monitored in-house research laboratories and extraction facilities offer the right tools and tests to maximise the level of beneficial compounds (quassinoids) extracted from Tongkat Ali roots. The process is done in such a way that it preserves their nutritional density. Also, every Tongkat Ali extract we produce must undergo strictly regulated inspections before it hits the market.

Studies have shown that the roots of Tongkat Ali are rich in quassinoids such as eurycomaoside, eurycolactone, and eurycomanone. These compounds naturally boost testosterone production. Increased testosterone levels, in turn, give way to health benefits such as improved fertility levels, increased energy levels, and optimised muscle reproduction, to name a few.


The premise of our ongoing fascination with activated virgin coconut oil (AVCO) is rooted in the effect that lipase (a type of protein produced by the pancreas) has on virgin coconut oil. The result of the interaction is a superfood that is super good for the skin.

This performance ingredient, which we call ACNAED®, protects the skin with its antimicrobial properties and helps tackle sebum-related skin dermatological problems, chief among which is cystic acne. Much like Physta®, ACNAED® has also undergone stringent lab tests to qualify as a credible performance ingredient. 

A test by Korean research company Ellead Skin Research Center, for one, had proven this extract’s ability to reduce the appearance of acne by up to 48% after eight weeks of application. Test subjects exposed to the ingredient also showed a 75.3% decrease in their number of acne pustules, a 58% reduction in papule count reduction, and a 21.4% reduction in overall sebum secretion.


Our specially formulated BIOKESUM™ extract is proof that we improve not just our consumers’ physical health but also the performance of their minds. This performance ingredient comes from the Persicaria Minor plant, also known as Polygonum Minus. In Malaysia, the plant takes up the name of kesum. That its leaves are heavily used in laksa dishes (noodles cooked in savoury fish broths) has led the plant to earn the nickname “laksa leaves”.

We created BIOKESUM™ (also known globally as Lineminus™) to honour our fascination with the mind-body balance. Research has shown that the plant generously contains active ingredients called quercetin-3-glucuronide and quercetin, which are essentially brain foods. They help to improve the brain’s memory and cognitive functions, while also fuelling the body with antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and anti-ageing benefits.

Brands that we have worked with

Biotropics’ credibility as the GMP-certified turnkey manufacturer of the world’s patented premium Tongkat Ali and other plant-based performance ingredients began in 2001 when we enlisted the services of Phytes Biotek Sdn Bhd. Today, Phytes is our wholly-owned subsidiary, a move that solidifies its position as our in-house manufacturing arm and operational entity behind our collaborations with other natural health and wellness brands companies.

Below are the top brands that we have worked within our mission to increase the world’s access to high-quality, scientifically proven natural performance ingredients.

1. NuPrep® 

NuPrep®, which is Biotropics’ in-house brand, is widely preferred among Malaysians. It offers an array of Physta®-focused dietary supplements that host the health benefits of premium Tongkat Ali that both men and women can enjoy. Their products come in both capsule and powder forms (which consumers can include in their food preparations and coffee).


Another famous Malaysian Tongkat Ali brand that infuses the benefits of Physta® is Akarali. The brand takes pride in delivering affordably priced premium Tongkat Ali products that incorporate Biotropics’ artisanally handpicked Eurycoma Longifolia roots.

3. Eu Yan Sang 

Eu Yan Sang, a Malaysian household name, has incorporated our premium Tongkat Ali into their men’s health-focused dietary supplements. Their products are a combination of our natural performance ingredient and the goodness of authentic Chinese herbs.

4. Other functional foods brands

We have also collaborated extensively with Brenntag, Edmark, Farm Fresh, HPIngredients, Koyo Mercantile, and Nowfoods.

Why you can put your faith in Biotropics

Our credibility proves our trustworthiness. We are, after all, one of Malaysia’s top six commercialised research companies listed in the Economic Planning Unit’s Malaysian Productivity Blueprint 2017-2020. We are also the international authority on herbal and natural products from Malaysia as well as the official Adopter of Tongkat Ali in the American Botanical Council’s Adopt-Herb Program.

With the growth of the global herbal supplements and remedies industry on your side, your company’s future is bright. Our team of experts are happy to assist you every step of the way

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